Amazone Café was inspired by the cultures and flavours of the Amazon


From miles and miles of all shades of lush green to pristine waters pouring life into nine countries & tens of thousands of species, the Amazon is a region that is as diverse as it is beautiful – one that can be the inspiration behind many beautiful stories. Today, we tell you ours.

Amazone Café was inspired by the cultures and flavours of the Amazon. Everything we do here at Amazone was planned with three key elements in mind;

  • A palette of colourful menu items that are not only tasty to the mouth, but to the eye and soul.
  • Premium ingredients which deliver the best dining experience.
  • The right ambience for your everyday mood.

We live in a community that is becoming more conscious of what they consume, which is why we’re all doing our best to make more natural, healthier choices. Amazone addresses this growing need for clean, nutritious, and trustworthy food options. We believe in spreading the love for the healing power of food and how it can help us feel good and live happy, healthy lives!

A staple here at Amazone!
Chapada de Minas

How do we take our coffee?
Seriously. Very seriously.

From classic, hot coffee creations to chilled coffees and creative açaí blends, our coffee menu was crafted with 2 things in mind; science & passion. The science that goes behind perfecting your cup of coffee, every time, with physical & chemical processes that make up coffee brewing, and the passion that goes into making it, pouring it, and having it served right to your table.

Our baristas are professionally trained; from pulling espresso shots to steaming silky-smooth milk, pouring symmetrical latte art, preparing manual brews, and leaving a smile on your faces, they are already super excited to craft your favorite coffees from our new coffee menu!



Açaí berries are 1-inch, high-antioxidant round fruits that grow on açaí palm trees in the rainforests of Central and South America. They’re widely known for their rich purple colour but because they contain pits like apricots and olives, they’re technically not a berry, but rather a drupe. Nevertheless, they’re commonly referred to as berries.

In the Amazon rainforest, açaí berries frequently accompany meals. To make them edible, they are soaked to soften the tough outer skin and then mashed to form a dark purple paste.

They’re Nutrient-Dense. Acai berries have a unique nutritional profile for a fruit, as they’re somewhat high in fat and low in sugar. They’re loaded with Antioxidants and they may even improve your cholesterol levels! But that’s not all, they even have the power to boost brain function and possibly have an anti-cancer effect on the body too.

They don’t call it
the most important meal of the day for no reason.

Your Daily Energy Dose

People’s energy levels vary depending on their gender, requirements, physical activity and other factors. Having a proper breakfast ensures you kickstart your day with what your body needs for its wellbeing.

Cognitive Functions

Whether if it’s an açaí bowl or an egg-based choice, having breakfast helps restore your glucose levels an essential carbohydrate that is needed for the brain to function. So if you’re heading for a long workday, we’ve got one piece of advice: Never. Skip. Breakfast.

It Looks This Good!

We eat with our eyes, too. Our chef has perfected our breakfast menu in a way that makes you rethink the way you do breakfasts.


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